Frederic EGERSDORFER (*15 Aug 1921 +18 May 2000)

  1. +Bernard Wilfred EGERSDORFER (Private)
  2. +Stephen Eric EGERSDORFER (Private)
  3. +Roger Thomas EGERSDORFER (Private)
  4. +Frederick Martin EGERSDORFER (Private)
  5. +Richard Charles EGERSDORFER (Private)
  6. +Ivan Paul EGERSDORFER (Private)
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[312] From his wife Lucy Fitzmaurice:

His father is Friedrick Egersdorfer, born in Melbourne Australia on the 13th of June 1894 died on the 6th of November 1970.
My husband's mother is Theresa Nelsky born on the 8th of August 1895, and died on the 9th of December 1976.
Frederic's grandfather is Heinrich Egersdorfer 1853-1915 Born in Nuremberg Germany from a very artistic family. Married Mary Jane Creaney. -1903. Died in Cape Town. I believe of Irish descent.
Two sons were born to this marriage. Heinrich 1896-1910, and Friedrich.
Information I have obtained came from my husband's father. As he told me there is a coat of arms and that there is a castle in Graz, Austria
named after the family.
I do not know if I am spelling Graz correctly. I also know that Heinrich died in St. Pancras, London, England and is buried there in a Pauper's grave. He had intended visiting his hometown when he was caught up in London when the First World War broke out.

[313] Signwriter

[310] [S58] Lucy Fitzmaurice

[311] [S58] Lucy Fitzmaurice

[15121] [S58] Lucy Fitzmaurice