[4400] Wife 1 : Jane FIELD
  1.  Mary MATHEWS (*1752 )
  2.  William MATHEWS (*ABT 1754 )
  3. +Jane MATHEWS (*ABT 1756 )
  4.  Sarah MATHEWS (*ABT 1758 )
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[4399] Possible marriage:

Marriage: 18 JUN 1751 Hascombe, Surrey, England


Cranley parish records of Christening of daughter Jane states her pare nts were William and Jane.
Also that a William ch 3 Nov 1754 was son of William and Jane

I cannot find a birth in Cranley nor a marriage of a William matthews t o a Jane

A William mathews married a Jane Field in Hascombe Surrey on 18 June 17 51. Surrey Marriage index and Bishops transcripts.
Hascombe is very near Cranley.

If this is the right one - on 8 Mar 1710 an Edmund Field was christe ned in Hascombe son of John of Bramley !!!

[NF818] Possible marriage
Marriage: 18 JUN 1751 Hascombe, Surrey, England

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