William Henry HOPE (*ABT 1884 +12 Jan 1943)

Wife 1 : Clara KEENS

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[NF423] from Grenville Davies

Marriage at St Paul's church in the former town of
West Hartlepool on 09 june 1913:

William Henry Hope age 29 and an engineer.
Son of William Henry Hope a timber merchant.
York Road in West Hartlepool.

Clara Keens age 27.
daughter of Alfred Keens, an engineer.
Sheriff Street in West Hartlepool.

Witnesses were William Henry Hope, Alfred Keens and William A Hope.

Clergy was Chas Hunter.
Northern Daily Mail
West Hartlepool
Monday 09 june 1913

Keens - Hope

On the 9th inst at St Paul's church, Clara, daughter of Albert and Isabella Keens, Sheriff Street, to William Henry, youngest son of William Henry and Mary Ann Hope, Norton House, York Road.

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