Annie MITCHELL (*12 Jun 1912 +10 Jul 1986)

Husband 1 : William Richard LEGGETT
  1. +Annette Lily LEGGETT (*24 Jun 1937 +9 Jan 2014)
  2. +William Frederick LEGGETT (Private)
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[1735] From Denise Leggett
father - Jimmy (James) Mitchell
born 1890 -believe about that time
married 17/03/1912
died 25/02/1919 Toxteth Liverpool
wife - Lily Vicars
born 14/08/1888
died 20/02/1954 Toxteth Liverpool
Jimmy Mitchell's dad was James Mitchell

Jimmy (James) Mitchell was a driver for the Royal Field Artillery, and he
was also a marine engineer. He was born in 1890, and married 17/03/1912 in the Parish Church of St Silas, Toxteth, Liverpool. Jimmy died 25/02/1919 in Toxteth. His wife was Lily Vicars born 12/06/19?. Jimmy's last known address was 53 Merlin Street Liverpool. Both their residences at time of marriage was 5 South Street Liverpool.
Jimmy's fathers name was James Mitchell.
Lily's parents were - Thomas Vicars and Margaret Rudkin. Thomas Vicars was a carpenter.

Anne Mitchell had the following brother:
Albert Hope Mitchell born 13/11/1915 - not sure where, married 13/05/1939 Lillian Corter, he died 01/02/1990 in Liverpool. Lillian died 15/11/1988. Albert's last address before dying was 15 Johnson Walk, Liverpool.

[1733] [S179] Denise Leggett

[1734] [S179] Denise Leggett

[15235] [S179] Denise Leggett