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Father: John Vincent O'CONNELL (*7 Nov 1899 +9 May 1969)
Mother: Myrtle AMBLER (*14 Mar 1912 +13 May 1995)

Maureen O'CONNELL (*16 May 1931 +8 Sep 2010)

Husband 1 : Patrick BRODERICK
  1.  Patrick John BRODERICK (Private)
  2. +Deborah Maureen BRODERICK (Private)
  3.  Carole Anne BRODERICK (Private)
  4. +Michael Neville TAYLOR-BRODERICK (Private)
  5. +John Andrew BRODERICK (Private)
  6.  Maryann Lesley BRODERICK (Private)
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                                                     _John O'CONNELL ___
                           _John Maurice O'CONNELL _|
                          |                         |_Margaret WELCH ___
 _John Vincent O'CONNELL _|
|                         |                          _Vincent REID _____+
|                         |_Marguerite Teresa REID _|
|                                                   |_Teresa CURRAN ____+
|--Maureen O'CONNELL 
|                                                    _Thomas AMBLER ____+
|                          _William AMBLER _________|
|                         |                         |_Sarah Ann HOLMES _+
|_Myrtle AMBLER __________|
                          |                          _Henry DICKINSON __+
                          |_Annie Eliza DICKINSON __|
                                                    |_Hannah WILKINSON _+

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[412] During WWI some German prisoners of war were billted with their family.

for images and details.

Maureen said that her father was very mean and cruel to her.
A family friend gave her a scooter and her father broke it up saying that she was not to ride a scooter or bicycle.
She did not want to leave England and her father promiced her a bicycle in South Africa but never made good on his promice.

Her father sent her to a doctor to have her virginity checked when she could not get back into the house after being out with a boyfriend and they went to his parent's house.

[NF79] Emmanual Cathedral with Fr. McGrath

[410] [S387] Birth certificate

[411] [S121] Carole Broderick

[413] [S415] Maureen O'Connell