Father: William LEGGETT (*26 Jun 1853 +29 Jan 1937)
Mother: Martha Maria Neve CATLING (*ABT 1853 )

William LEGGETT (*ABT 1876 +22 Oct 1904)

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                                                _John LEGGETT _+
                              _Thomas LEGGETT _|
                             |                 |_Mary RIVETT __
 _William LEGGETT ___________|
|                            |                  _______________
|                            |_Mary Ann SHAUL _|
|                                              |_______________
|--William LEGGETT 
|                                               _______________
|                             _________________|
|                            |                 |_______________
|_Martha Maria Neve CATLING _|
                             |                  _______________

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[5836] suspcted he was shot by Russians while crewing a fishing boat

Newspaper report Nov 4 1904 - Perth, Western Australia, Australia:

London, November 3.
The coroner's inquiry at Hull, touching the death of George Smith, the master of the trawling boat, the Crane, and of William Leggett, one of the boat's crew, was concluded at Hull yesterday. The verdict of the jury was" as follows: That George Smith and William
Leggett, while fishing aboard the Crane, on the Dogger Bank, with her Board of Trade marks exhibited, and her regulation lights burning, were killed by shots fired without warnings or provocation from certain Russian warships, at a distance of about a quarter of
a mile.
The following rider was added:The jury, on this occasion, probably one of the most momentous in the history of the Empire, desire to record their appreciation., of the
efforts made by the Governments interested to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion of a matter which they feel is without parallel in the history of the world.

[5833] [S30] Malcolm Leggett

[5834] [S30] Malcolm Leggett

[5835] [S101] Peter James Leggett

[5837] [S101] Peter James Leggett