William LASSOM (*ABT 1711 +BET 1790 AND 1806)

[11704] 1 : Children
  1.  William LASHAM (*1745 +1816)
  2.  Edward LASSUM (*1746 )
  3.  John LASSUM (*1748 )
  4.  Sarah LASSAM (*1749 )
  5.  James LASSAM (*1751 +1771)
  6.  David LASHAM (*1752 )
  7.  Mary LASHAM (*1756 )
  8.  Jane LASSAM (*1758 +ABT 1843)
  9.  Daniel LASSOM (*1759 +1816)
  10.  Isaac LASSOM (*1761 +1816)
  11.  Margaret LASSOM (*1763 )
  12.  Jacob LASSOM (*1765 +1837)
  13.  Leah LASSOM (*1768 )
  14.  Abraham LASSOM (*1770 +9 Apr 1854)
  15. +Michael LASSAM (*ABT 1753 +Mar 1836)
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William lassom and Mary are stated as parents of Michael at his christe ning in 1754 in Cranley
I cannot find the birth in parish records. acc to one source he was bor n in c 1711, another states1725!!
Married c1745-50 !
c.1790 bur Cranley ? cannot find in parish records or transcripts

National Archives have a will of a William Lassam miller of Cranley who l eft his farm ( Rapley) a dwellinghouse,garden, ffield and windmill. His w ife Mary was to be execitrix. In 1806 12 Sept Jacob Lassum one of his s ons was the executor,his mother having given up the position.
Did he die in 1790 ( as per info from the web) or did he die in 1806?

I can find no marriage of a William Lassom and Mary in Cranley at a su itable date - nor any in Surrey marriage records.

a William lassum married a Mary Gad 16 Feb 1709 at Guildford St Mary ( t oo early!?)
( first child 1845 last 1860) BUT
It is possible that this is Michael's grandfather. I believe William La ssum and Mary Gad had a son William in 1709. This would be a possible d ate for him to marry and be Michael's father - first child 1745.

It is likely that either they both came from another place ( County?) o r she came from another county ( Middx, Sussex Berks) and they got mar ried in her church

As well as the children listed - all from Cranley PR as children of Wil liam and Mary there are also the following - children of William lassum

Edward 1746
John 1748
James 1751
Sarah 1749
is this the same William lassum? Did they not put his wife's name down o r was this another family?

NB and Edward lassum and Anne also had several children between 1775 an d 1784

acc K Rolaz he was born c 1711.
From 1768 till death ( c 1790) lived in Ewhurst Windmill and was buried c 1790 in Cranley.

Ewhurst Mill was destroyed and has been rebuilt on Pitch hill.
Whe Windmill Public House where his son David lived was destroyed by fi re c1906 and has been rebuilt. Apparently it was famous as a smuggling h aunt!

a James Lassam was buried Nov 8 1771 in Cranley

a Mary Lasham a servant married a John Broughton farmer May 6 1743 ! Cr anley

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