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Father: William LASSOM (*ABT 1711 +BET 1790 AND 1806)

Michael LASSAM (*ABT 1753 +Mar 1836)

Wife 1 : Jane MATHEWS
  1.  Michael LASSAM (*ABT 1775 )
  2.  James LASSAM (*ABT 1777 )
  3.  Mary LASSAM (*ABT 1778 )
  4. +Lydia LASSAM (*1790 +16 Feb 1867)
  5.  Michael LASSOM (*1775 )
  6.  Sarah LASSOM (*1780 )
  7. +Leah LASSOM (*1782 +1834)
  8.  David LASSOM (*1786 )
  9.  Lazurus LASSOM (*1788 )
  10.  Charlotte LASSOM (*1791 )
  11. +William LASSOM (*1794 )
Wife 2 : BETTY

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 _William LASSOM _|
|                 |   __
|                 |__|
|                    |__
|--Michael LASSAM 
|                     __
|                  __|
|                 |  |__
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[4427] From Susanne Hoey:

c1753/4 assumed from christening date 17 Jan 1754
father William
mother mary Cranley parish records

Banns were published Aug 20,27 and sept 3 1775
Marriage of Michael lassom and Jane Mathews of this parish on 6 Sept 17 75 : Cranley parish records and Bishops transcripts.
Witnesses were William Lassam and Mary Caplin

Christening of daughter Lydia states father Michael, mother Jane.

National archives have the baptisms of several of the children (not Lydia) parents Michael and Jane Lassam of Watergate/watercot, Wooton, Cranley. between 1799 and1804 at Heath mill Nutbourne, Pulborough

Visited St Nicholas Church Cranley and saw font. In church notes it states that there a several Lassams in the graveyard - we couldn't find any!

Michael made a will in 1833 and added two codicils before he died in 1836.

Jane must have died earlier because at his death he was married to a second wife Betty.

He made a very long and complicated will. The trustees were his wife, his grandson William Chatfield and two friends, William Herrington of W Chiltington (wheelwright) and Thomas Welsh of Burton Sussex.

He appeared to have houses barns gardens field a mill etc in Ewhurst W Chiltington and Marehill Pulborough and at Nutbourne.

The main elements of the will seem to be that his wife Betty Lassam should have "such part of my household goods, furniture, plate, linen, and china, printed books, timepeices and jewels, trinkets and ornaments as she shall or may think proper to select and use"

The trustees were to hold all the properties and keep them in order - some of the rents etc. to go to Betty, some for the administration of the estates (trustees) and the rest to be saved in Government stocks.
I think it said that when Betty died the estates were to be divided - Marehill to go to William Chatfield , some to be divided between David Lassam (son) and his heirs; some to go to Mary Lassam (daughter - spinster) ; some to Charlotte Hubbard (daughter - wife of George - musician) and on the death of wife Betty he bequeathed "to his daughter Lydia, wife o f Edward Hoey all that his essuage, Malthouse, garden barns building and c 1 4 and a half acres of land arable and pasture " (these were being lived in by a William Hammond) " situated in the parish of W Chiltington...... and partly or wholely holder of this manor of Nytimber? and W Chiltington consisting of 9 and half acres of lifeheld lands and hereditements - 3 fields lying together in a ring fence above or near to the Windmill and 5 acres (more or less) of lands and hereditenaments - 2 fields lying again st watery lane and the other against the Common Lane beside the said messuage, malt house ........."

Money should be invested and split evenly between Lydia, David, Leah (Chatfield), Mary and Charlotte.
Leah predeceased him so a codicil left her share to William.

A codicil also said he wanted the trustees to sell an estate he had in Bolney (Sussex) to pay for all the bills.
He died in1836 and Betty in 1840.

In 1842 there was a complaint made at the Courts of Chancery by Lydia Hoey with Edward, Charlotte Mary and others

They stated that after Michaels death Betty and the trustees used all the monies and income from rents for themselves, and in 1837 sold the estate at Ewhurst for £300 and used it for debts.
It is stated that the remaining trustees conspired with David Lassam, Charles Lassam (of Bedhampton - Southampton) Amey Lassam of Hackney and Eliza Lassam of Stanhope Terrace, Albany St, Regents Park, Middlsex.
Their solcitors sent Edward Hoey an account for the administration of Chiltington (£300)
William Chatfield seemed to be in debt to the estate. Lydia and the others had asked for the rents .. but had to go to court.

The trustees and others responded to the charges - denied any wrongdoing ...and were believed!.

Did they "do" Lydia and the others out of their inheritance or was the re really not enough cash to adminster the estates.???

[4429] Cranley, Surrey, England

[NF909] The banns of their wedding were published on August 20 and 21 and Sept 3

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