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Father: Walter William STEED (*29 May 1858 +2 Jan 1940)
Mother: Susan Alice Bell CLARK (*14 Jan 1869 +23 Jun 1961)

Rhoda Alice STEED (*24 May 1909 +18 Oct 2004)

Husband 1 : Parley Joseph HARKER
  1.  Merrill HARKER
  2.  Sterling HARKER
  3.  Stephen HARKER
  4.  William HARKER
  5.  Alice HARKER
  6.  Elaine HARKER
  7.  Gloria HARKER
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                          |                      |__________________
 _Walter William STEED ___|
|                         |                       __________________
|                         |______________________|
|                                                |__________________
|--Rhoda Alice STEED 
|                                                 __________________
|                          _Ezra Thompson CLARK _|
|                         |                      |__________________
|_Susan Alice Bell CLARK _|
                          |                       _William LEGGETT _+
                          |_Susan LEGGETT _______|
                                                 |_Sarah HOWES _____

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[9076] at there is the history about a chap who worked with Harker...

About a year after his mission was over, he married Rhoda Steed of Salt Lake City, one of the lady missionaries. Her father, we heard, was an underground polygamist. They settled on the Harker farm in Lewisville, Idaho, raised a large family, and were rather prosperous citizens. In the late 1950s I heard from another former missionary that they had sold their farm and moved to Enterprise, Utah, near the Arizona border. There Parley had joined a Mormon splinter group and apparently become a polygamist. After our missions, rumors had circulated that Sister Steed was a closet polygamist, so I felt that she had converted her husband. He telephoned me a few years ago, and we had a pleasant conversation without, however, mentioning the taboo subject.


Aunt Rhoda Harker, wife of Uncle Parley Harker of Beryl, Utah,
passed away on October 18, 2004. She was predeceased by her
husband Parley Harker, and four infant children. She is survived by
sons Merrill, Sterling, Stephen and William; daughters Alice, Elaine,
and Gloria.

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