Father: Charles William HOPKINS (*19 Aug 1864 +10 Oct 1939)
Mother: Mary Ann KEENS (*14 Dec 1884 +8 Mar 1978)

Charles Joseph HOPKINS (*2 Apr 1910 +12 Jul 1940)

Wife 1 : Mary Ann Elizabeth ROMER
  1.  Joyce Dorothy HOPKINS (Private)
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                           |                       |________________
 _Charles William HOPKINS _|
|                          |                        ________________
|                          |_______________________|
|                                                  |________________
|--Charles Joseph HOPKINS 
|                                                   _William KEENS _+
|                           _Joseph William KEENS _|
|                          |                       |_Ann SKERRITT __
|_Mary Ann KEENS __________|
                           |                        ________________
                           |_Maryann SKERRITT _____|

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[10372] Before he died he asked George who was his brother and best friend, to look after Mary and thier daughter Joyce, as he did not want an outsider to bring Joyce up George made this promise, and George after a while fell in love with Mary and they later married.
[William Keens 1.FTW]

[My Family.FTW]

Charles worked for Hunts charcoal factory in Bow, East london. In 1940 his face was cut by an animal bone which caused him to have tetanus from which he died. Before he died he asked George Robert Hopkins to promise to bring Joyce (Dolly) up. In 1942 George and Mary Ann Elizabeth Charles widow decided to get married.

[10373] Charcoal Maker

[10375] 66 Stanley Rd, Stratford, London, E15

[10367] [S187] Elsie Hopkins

[10368] [S190] Tony Goggins

[10369] [S187] Elsie Hopkins

[10370] [S187] Elsie Hopkins

[10371] [S190] Tony Goggins

[10374] [S187] Elsie Hopkins

[10376] [S190] Tony Goggins

[15518] [S190] Tony Goggins