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Pierre Simon DE LA ROCHE (*ABT 1766 +24 Dec 1830)

Wife 1 : Marie Josephine DETAVAUX

Wife 2 : Marie Celestine DE LA ROCHE
  1. +Mary Celestine DE LA ROCHE (*15 Sep 1801 +28 Nov 1883)
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                 _ DE LA ROCHE _|
                |               |__
|               |                __
|               |_______________|
|                               |__
|--Pierre Simon DE LA ROCHE 
|                                __
|                _______________|
|               |               |__
                |                __

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[11325] Count Pierre Simon de La Roche of Brussells
fled to England during the French revolution (1792)

Count Pierre Simon de la Roche and his wife (Marie Josephine Detavaux) came to England with a nanny, and her infant. They also had a second baby with them. Pierre's wife pretended to be pregnant and then later they revealed the baby which they christened Louis de la Roche. It is not known who the biological parents of Louis were, he could have been part of the French royalty. Louis later went by the name Lewis.

[11326] Officer of Louis XVI's household guards

[11329] England

[11330] England - Escaped from France during the Revolution

[11332] Belgium - Returned to Brussels

[NF1130] [commonrelatives.FTW]

Simon de la Roche and Marie Celestine were not married.

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