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Father: Enoch HORNE ( +ABT 1806)
Mother: Mary Charlotte DEARY (*1762 +1803)

Robert HORNE (*31 Dec 1793 +4 Sep 1877)

Wife 1 : Frances

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                        |                   |__________________
 _Enoch HORNE __________|
|                       |                    __________________
|                       |___________________|
|                                           |__________________
|--Robert HORNE 
|                                            __________________
|                        _Robert DEARY _____|
|                       |                   |__________________
|_Mary Charlotte DEARY _|
                        |                    _Thomas SPARKE ___
                        |_Elizabeth SPARKS _|
                                            |_Elizabeth SMITH _

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[1863] [deary.ged]

!CENSUS: 1851. Distillery Street / Cross Street, Heigham. Age 57, landed
proprietor, with wife Frances and nephew Robert Horne.
!CENSUS: 1861. 23 Distillery Street, Heigham. Age 67, retired shoe
manufacturer. With wife Frances.
!OCCUPATION: Apprenticeship papers 8 Jun 1809: Robert Horne (by and with the
consent of Benjamin Greene acting executor of Enoch Horne deceased) apprentice
to John Challis of the city of Norwich, shoemaker (7 years apprentice). Also:
Robert Horne, cordwainer, given freedom of the city of Norwich, 16 Jun 1817.
(papers in possession of Robert Horne RIN 576)
!PROBATE: Will of Robert Horne of Distillery Street, Heigham. Written 5 Mar
1877; proved 7 Sep 1877. Executors nephew Robert Horne of Norwich, Bootmaker;
friends Edward Cubitt Francis, gent, and Samuel Neave Berry, accountant. Refers
to property in Distillery Street and City Road, Heigham; also in Kings Lynn and
St Faiths Newton.
Estate left, in varying amounts, to: nephew Robert Horne; niece Lucy Avis, wife
of John Avis; children and child of Lucy Avis and Robert Horne; Maria Lamb,
sister of testator's wife, her husband William Lamb and their children; niece
Charlotte, wife of John Gibbon Wright, primitive methodist minister of Kadina,
South Australia, and son John George Wright, methodist minister; Thomas
Athelstone Moore of Salisbury, South Australia, printer; niece Mary Ann Raymond,
daughter of testator's late sister Elizabeth Randall, now residing at
Salisbury, South Australia; nephew Thomas Riches and niece Mary Riches;
domestic servant Ellen Jane Leggett.

[1864] St Andrews, Norwich

[1861] [S224] Papers in possession of Robert Horne (Lowestoft)

[1862] [S225] Robert Horne's will, 1877

[1865] [S224] Papers in possession of Robert Horne (Lowestoft)