Father: O'SULLIVAN (*ABT 1770 )
Mother: HOEY (*ABT 1770 )

Edward HOEY (*ABT 1795 +5 Dec 1858)

Wife 1 : Lydia LASSAM
  1. +Mary Ann Jane HOEY (*1819 )
  2.  Edward HOEY (*1821 +1853)
  3.  Lydia HOEY (*1822 +1873)
  4. +George HOEY (*21 Mar 1824 +21 Mar 1868)
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|              |   __
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|                 |__
|--Edward HOEY 
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|               __|
|              |  |__
|_ HOEY _______|
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[2354] 1841 census, Westminter, London
9 King Street
Edward Huey 45 Licensed Victualler born: Ireland
Lydia 50 Born in county: no
Edward jnr 20 Born in county: yes
Lydia 15 Born in county: yes

1851 Census Westminster, London
6 King Street
Edward Hoey, Head, M, 56, Retired Victualer, Ireland Waterford
Lydia Hoey, Wife, M, 61, , Surrey Dorking

at the same address their daughter and her family:
James Keep, Head, M, 33, Carpenter, Oxford Shiplake
M ? J Keep. Wife, F, 32, , Westminster St Margaret
Henry Keep, Son, M, 8, , Westminster St Margaret
Jas Rich Keep, Son, M, 4, , Westminster St Margaret
Alfred Keep, Son, M, 6m, , Westminster St Margaret

(note: another Keep son, Edward aged 6 , was staying with his uncle and aunt, Edward and Ellen Hoey at the time of the 1851 census)

According to Madeleine Ellis he took his mother's maiden name so as not to sound Irish

Barrister-at-Law in diplomatic service in Russia

Marriage from IGI

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Marriage: 27 NOV 1817 Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London, England

From Susanne Hoey:
The Anchor and Crown was one of many pubs in King St. It was a public house from 1743 to 1858 when it was pulled down to make way for Government buildings.
It also had Edward Hoey as a licensee of the pub between 1835 and 1848.
Edward was also in the trade directories at that time living in 9 King St as
a publican and I found him on the electoral register at that address for 1834, 1835 and 1836

The trade directories for 1818,1820 and 1824 do not have Edward Hoey listed at all.

Edward and Lydia lived in 9 King St certainly between 1834 and 1848. The
1841 census doesn't actually give the numbers of the houses but from the
markings it looks as if the Keeps were in the same house. The next name on the 1841 census is a William Keep carpenter ( in all the trade directories
have him at no.10) and his wife Ann. I presume this is James uncle or elder
brother ?( his father was Daniel - carpenter acc to his marriage certificate)

In the 1846 trade directory Edward is living at 9 King St and James Keep at
6. In the 1851 census Edward and Lydia have left no 9 and are living in no
6 with James and Jane.

[NF157] From Susanne Hoey:
parish records of St Martin in the Field Entry No 798 microfilm Vol 53 state
"Edward Hoey and Lydia Lassam both of this parish were married in this
church by Banns this twentyseventh day of November in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventeen by me John Tilloson curate.

This marriage was solemnized by us ( both signed their names)

in the presence of John Stroud, Elizabeth Stroud"

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[2359] [S420] Marriage certificate of daughter Lydia Hoey

[2360] [S183] Marriage certificate of son George

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[2362] [S146] 1851 Census

[2363] [S413] Death Certificate

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