Father: Henry Lewis KEENS (*20 Jun 1825 +Mar 1899)
Mother: Ellen FILER (*ABT 1828 +Mar 1907)

Christopher KEENS (*Aug 1862 +16 Feb 1937)

[7072] Wife 1 : Emily COOKE
  1.  Frederick Randolf KEENS (*Feb 1886 +Jul 1981)
  2.  Ethel KEENS (*Dec 1890 +5 Mar 1953)
  3.  Ralph KEENS (*10 Aug 1899 +Mar 1967)
  4.  Christopher KEENS (*10 Aug 1900 +20 Feb 1971)
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                                                    _Thomas KEENS ________________
                      _Henry Lewis KEENS __________|
                     |                             |_Sophia ROBINSON _____________
 _Henry Lewis KEENS _|
|                    |                              _Pierre Simon DE LA ROCHE ____+
|                    |_Mary Celestine DE LA ROCHE _|
|                                                  |_Marie Celestine DE LA ROCHE _+
|--Christopher KEENS 
|                                                   ______________________________
|                     _____________________________|
|                    |                             |______________________________
|_Ellen FILER _______|
                     |                              ______________________________

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[7071] [privatekeens.FTW]

Dwelling: 6 Buck St
Census Place: Bradford, York, England 1881
Source: FHL Film 1342062 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4441 Folio 146 Page 9
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Ellen KEENS M 52 F Sedborough, Suffolk, England
Ellen KEENS U 27 F London, Middlesex, England

Christopher KEENS U 17 M Leeds, York, England

In England when he married in April 6, 1885, he worked as "linen draper commercial hauler". He lived at 6 Buch St, Leeds Rd., Yorkshire and he was 23 years old.

Citizen Feb.25, 1896 NA South Hadley Falls Spring St. 862 Vol 1 Final Natl'n , North Hampton,Mass district court of Hampshire 33 yrs old . 1900 - 13 years in USA

Christopher Keens and Emily C. entered US in 1886 and had Fred R. Keens in February 1887 in Stafford Springs , CT.

Directories and Census
(1900 Ed 646 Sh 3 ln 39 and 1920 ed 183 sh 13 ln . 39 )
1900 Christopher Keens born 1862 England 38 yrs. old ; Naturalized 1896; in the US 12 yrs. Parents English; Rented home in South Hadley , Mass., Hampshire Co. Worked in paper mill.
Emily Cook Keens born 1862 in England, parents English; 39 yrs . Old
Freddie born Feb. 1887 ; 13 yrs. Old, CT.
( No Ethyl 1890 in census 10 yrs. old)
Chris born Feb. 1891 ; 9 " " Mass.
Ralph " Aug. 1899 ; 1 yrs old - Mass.
1920 {poor copy} Christopher Keens 58 yrs. Old ; 988 Springs St. South Hadley , Mass.;
Emily age 58; Chris age 29; Ralph age 21 (Ethyl married Charlie?)

Directories Holyoke included South Hadley Falls 1 903-1933

1906 Christopher Keens Sr. (Emily not listed but living with him); works for Whiting Paper Co. #2 ,Holyoke, Residence 7 Spring St., South Hadley Falls, Mass. 1908 Moved to 26 Carew St; 1909 Moved to 20 Spring St. and remained there until 1933. In 1927 he worked as a salesman to 1933.
1931 Emily Cooke Keens died at the age of 69. 1862-1931.

Christopher Keens Sr. Moved to Springfield and died February 16,1937 at the age of 75 yrs.
Stafford Springs history notes - the industry mills at Stafford in 1996
Stafford Springs history notes - the industry mills at Stafford in 1996 are abandoned and dilapidated and an eye sore to the community center which is almost like time stopped here with new small business the exception. The church, library, town hall and surrounding old homes are early 1880 - 1900 period . The center is bustling now with traffic of two highways that cross in the small center. The post office is new and a standout to above background . Christopher Keens and Emily come here to work and live in the quiet little town and start a family in the charming town in a new country. Farms still are all along the highway even today which speak for themselves on the previous life in 1886. Economics of the time and better opportunities in the paper mills must have tempted them to leave this New England small town for the big city of Holyoke and the world leader of paper manufacturing that Christopher spent as his life work. No directories exist here of the family movement here and Freddie Keens early years are not to be known. 1998 -- Earl Dugan Research

Death Certificate
Death Feb.16, 1937 - age 75 5mo 20 days - lived at 20 Salem St. Springfield . - Cremated Springfield Cem. -Paper Finisher - Born England - Parents English-

Christopher keens death -- CAUSE- Cerebral Hemorrhage

Obit - Springfield Union Feb.17,1937
Keens - In Springfield the 16th , Christopher Keens of Salem St. Funeral at the Alger Funeral home, Holyoke, Friday afternoon at two P M and the cremation will be in Springfield.

Their ashes were buried with Christopher II when he died and Charlett Liebeck brought Chris II to Westfield crematory from Maine and then retrieved Christopher and Emily ashes to bury with him in 1973.

Gladys memories of her grandparents were of the fun she had in their larger yard that they grew several fruit trees and the pigs they raised and ate later on. The times were difficult and when Fred Keens walked out on her and Matilda, the grandparents disowned him for what he did but were not able to financially help out. They were reserved in personality and restrained in showing affection. Emily was tall and thin person.

Became US citizen on 25 February 1896 and lived at South Hadley Falls, Mass.

[7073] Leeds, Yorkshire

[7076] 6 Buck Street, Bradford

[7079] General Stuff Warehouseman

[7082] Linen draper commercial hauler

[7085] Paper mill worker

[7087] Lt Farmers cemetary, Westfield, MA

[NF780] [privatekeens.FTW]

[15703] St Lucas, Bradford

[7072] [S120] Kate Keens

[7063] [S87] Earl Dugan

[7064] [S120] Kate Keens

[7065] [S78] (See source comments)

[7066] [S87] Earl Dugan

[7067] [S80] (See source comments)

[7068] [S87] Earl Dugan

[7069] [S120] Kate Keens

[7070] [S87] Earl Dugan

[7074] [S399] 1881 census

[7075] [S120] Kate Keens

[7077] [S399] 1881 census

[7078] [S120] Kate Keens

[7080] [S399] 1881 census

[7081] [S120] Kate Keens

[7083] [S120] Kate Keens

[7084] [S120] Kate Keens

[7086] [S120] Kate Keens

[7088] [S120] Kate Keens

[15701] [S87] Earl Dugan

[15704] [S120] Kate Keens