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Father: Henry Lewis KEENS (*23 Dec 1799 +1 Feb 1865)
Mother: Mary Celestine DE LA ROCHE (*15 Sep 1801 +28 Nov 1883)

Henry Lewis KEENS (*20 Jun 1825 +Mar 1899)

Wife 1 : Ellen FILER
  1. +Cornelius KEENS ( +1963)
  2. +Ellen KEENS (*Mar 1854 +Dec 1928)
  3.  Henry Lewis KEENS (*Mar 1854 +ABT 1946)
  4. +Alfred KEENS (*Mar 1856 +3 May 1935)
  5. +Austin William KEENS (*1861 +23 Feb 1930)
  6. +Christopher KEENS (*Aug 1862 +16 Feb 1937)
  7.  Henry William Lewis KEENS (*Jun 1851 +31 Aug 1851)
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                               _Thomas KEENS ________________|
                              |                              |_______________
 _Henry Lewis KEENS __________|
|                             |                               _______________
|                             |_Sophia ROBINSON _____________|
|                                                            |_______________
|--Henry Lewis KEENS 
|                                                             _ DE LA ROCHE _+
|                              _Pierre Simon DE LA ROCHE ____|
|                             |                              |_______________
|_Mary Celestine DE LA ROCHE _|
                              |                               _ DE LA ROCHE _
                              |_Marie Celestine DE LA ROCHE _|

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[7119] Henry II was a watchmaker and although he and Ellen were married in
Bethal Green, London in 1850 by the 1860's they were living in Bradford, Yorkshire. It was strange move to make. The Keens family were on the whole very much London based and indeed, Ellen Filer's family were from Sudsbury in Suffolk.

Census 1871 - Henry L Keens - Head - Mar.: - age 45 - Watch Cleaner b:ST Luke

CENSUS-- His older children were working in what must have been the local mill with Ellen Jr. described as a "stuff weaver." , Henry Lewis III as a "stuff weaver ", Alfred as a "Wooling doffer", and poor Austin at age 10 as a part time spinner ". --- Caroline Scott research

1881 census
Dwelling: 6 Buck St
Census Place: Bradford, York, England
Source: FHL Film 1342062 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4441 Folio 146 Page 9

Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Ellen KEENS M 52 F Sedborough, Suffolk, England
Rel: Head
Ellen KEENS U 27 F London, Middlesex, England
Rel: Daur
Occ: Worsted Weaver
Alfred KEENS U 25 M London, Middlesex, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Turner In Mechanic Shop
Austin KEENS U 20 M Leeds, York, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Cabinet Maker
Christopher KEENS U 17 M Leeds, York, England
Rel: Son
Occ: General Stuff Warehouseman
Cornelious KEENS U 13 M Leeds, York, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Stationers News Boy Errand

Chris Rozental reports the following for 6 Buck Street, Buckford:
My Mum lived in the same house in the 1930’s. Bearing in mind that it’s over 75 years since she left there, her recollections are a bit hazy; but I thought you might be interested in her very brief recollection of the house (now, form her point of view at least, happily demolished*). I doubt the house would have changed that much in the interval between Henry and Mum’s residency.

It was a back to back dwelling with a door straight onto Buck Street. There was a single living room at street level with a floor of stone flags. A kitchenette was built in to the cellar head (basically a cupboard with an enamelled pot sink and brass tap – the only supply of running water in the house – at the top of the cellar steps). Steps led down to the cellar where the coal was kept. The family; Mum, her sister and my Grandma kept a cat in the cellar to catch the mice which infested the place. There was a cast iron range in the living room for heating, drying clothes and cooking. In Mum’s day there would have been a gas ring to heat water too. Upstairs there was a landing and a single bedroom. To get to the toilet you had to exit by the door to the street, go through an alley which ran down the side and between the blocks of houses, down a flight of stairs and across a cobbled yard. There was one toilet to four families. (I believe the houses were in blocks of four, with two at the front and two at the rear). There was also a midden (a dump for domestic waste and coal ash) in the yard. Families in the street were in the habit of emptying the contents of last night’s chamber pot down the grate in front of the house. (How the street must have reeked in summer!). The houses at the rear had three stories. These houses were for larger families, with steps and a landing to the living room, and a kitchen in the lower storey.


74yrs; Mar ¼ 1899 Workhouse, Bradford YKS GRO 9b 95

Gro Death Henry Luis II - age 74 - march 1899 - Bradford - 9b-69
marriage - September - 1850 - Bethnal Green - II-11- m: Filer
Mariage Lic. - 1850 Henry Luis Keens & Ellen Filer - Y009662 - General Register

[7120] Apprentice watchmaker

[7123] 31 Wynwatt Street, Clerkenwell

[7125] 12 Robert Street, Bradford

[7127] Barley Mow Inn, Normandy Street, Alton, Hampshire

[7130] Watchmaker

[7134] Watchmaker

[NF767] [privatekeens.FTW]

[15571] St James the Great Church, Bethnal Green, Middlesex

[7114] [S87] Earl Dugan

[7115] [S120] Kate Keens

[7116] [S120] Kate Keens

[7117] [S147] Madeleine B Ellis

[7118] [S120] Kate Keens

[7121] [S147] Madeleine B Ellis

[7122] [S120] Kate Keens

[7124] [S120] Kate Keens

[7126] [S120] Kate Keens

[7128] [S399] 1881 census

[7129] [S120] Kate Keens

[7131] [S399] 1881 census

[7132] [S120] Kate Keens

[7133] [S390] Kelly's Directory

[7135] [S144] Ian Greig

[7136] [S120] Kate Keens

[15569] [S87] Earl Dugan

[15572] [S140] Family Records Centre, Islington

[15573] [S120] Kate Keens